Lost & Found

All misplaced items found at OSD are turned over to the Rockton Police Department. If you’ve lost something, please contact them at their non-emergency number at 815-283-2600 for assistance.

Where & When can I buy 4-Day General Admission Passes?

One price, good all weekend, whether you plan on attending one day or the entire weekend the 4-Day General Admission Pass is your ticket into the festival. The 4-Day General Admission Passes are available online through this website beginning April 1st and at the gate throughout the festival. They will also be available locally at First National Bank Macktown about a week prior to the event. All 4-Day General Admission Passes are $6 each before the festival begins, no matter where you buy them. They will be available online and at the venue during the festival for $10 each through the end of the event. Buy early and save money. The 4-Day General Admission Pass gains you entry in all festival areas, except the Main Stage Concerts. There is an upcharge for the Main Stage. Children 12 and under do not require this pass

Where & When can I buy concert tickets?

Concert tickets are only available online through this website. Concert tickets will also be available at the gate during the festival beginning June 15. No refunds all sales final. Tickets will be the least expensive in our initial pre-sale  You will need a 4-Day General Admission pass in addition to your concert tickets.

Do I need to print my tickets?

You can print your tickets, or bring them up on your smart phone to be scanned at the gate. We do not have a will call, and cannot provide tech support for your printer. If you misplace your tickets you can reprint them.

Why can’t I buy concert tickets in-person before the event?

The Rockton Lions Club Charities is an all volunteer charitable organization, and OSD is a fundraiser. We do everything we can to keep our costs down, which includes not renting offices or hiring staff. We find the online broker is the most cost effective option. For those who wish to purchase in person, tickets will be available at the venue on the weekend of the festival.

Do I get a reserved seat?

No, It is festival seating. There are some bleachers along the back/side of the field. You may bring chairs as noted below.

What time do the gates to the Main Stage Open?

This will vary depending on when we get the go-ahead from the artist. Depending on what time the artist gets to the venue and has ample time for their sound check will depend what time the main gate opens. We will target opening them at least 1 hour prior to the concert start time. This time could be earlier or later depending on the artist. Please see our event schedule for the latest information.

Where do I park?

Parking restrictions have been established on the perimeter streets of the festival grounds to ensure the safety of pedestrian traffic and emergency vehicle access.  Handicapped parking is being offered at the parking lot on the corner of Blackhawk and Hawick. Vehicles using this location must display a valid handicapped parking placard. There are also golf cart shuttles to bring you to the festival gate for those parking in handicapped parking. Designated pick up and drop off area for taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc is at Rockton Commons. For further information on parking and shuttles please see this page.

Can I bring a chair to the concerts?

Yes, lawn chairs will be allowed in the festival grounds. In the Main Stage, there will be designated areas where you can use them. The area directly in front of the Main Stage (between the stage and the sound booth) will not allow chairs blankets or strollers. The area behind the sound tent will allow chairs, blankets and strollers. In the Festival Stage area, chairs are allowed anywhere in the area.

I can’t find my ticket email what do I do?

Don’t panic! Simply go to https://www.eventbrite.com/mytickets/ if you did not create an account when you bought tickets – you still can. Just use the email address that you used when you bought the tickets. Click on ‘my tickets’ and boom there they are! You can reprint if needed and the ticket will be scanned at the gate. If you still have issues, email [email protected]. If you discover this during the festival, please bring your ID to the ticket booth and we will assist you in finding your tickets, as we may not be able to answer your email in time.

Is there a fee for purchasing tickets online?

Yes, you will be charged a small fee for purchasing online. This fee is charged by the company handling ticket sales for us, it is not charged by the Rockton Lions Club. Purchasing tickets with cash at the gate will not incur a fee, however there will be a fee for any credit card sales at the gate.

Do I need a separate concert ticket for each night for the Main Stage?

Yes – all four nights of the main stage will require SEPARATE concert tickets, you can buy a 4 day all concert wristband which includes entry to the grounds and all the concerts.  There are NO concert tickets required for the Beer Tent Stage. 

I can’t use my tickets and are giving them away, now the name doesn’t match now, how do I change it?

Your ticket will be scanned on entry, the only time you will need a photo ID is if there is an issue of duplicate tickets being used. Otherwise it should not be a problem.

Do I need a ticket for the Festival Beer Tent Stage?

No, all you need is your 4-Day General Admission pass, concert tickets are not required for the Festival Beer Tent Stage.

Do you need to be 21 to enter the beer tent/concert area?

No, all ages are welcome into the concert area. A Valid ID will be required for a wristband which will allow you to purchase alcohol. Alcohol is not allowed in the carnival area.

I want to bring my children to the Main Stage concert do they need tickets?

Yes, everyone who wants admittance into the ticketed concert area will require a ticket, as space is limited.  Children 12 and under will not be required to have a 4-Day General Admission pass to enter the festival grounds.

Will I need a 4-Day General Admission Pass if I’ve purchased a single night concert ticket?

Yes, the festival pass gets you into the festival. There is an upcharge for the Main Stage.

I have VIP passes, do I need a 4-Day General Admission Pass and concert tickets?

No, your VIP lanyard will gain you admittance to the entire festival, and the VIP tent will be located adjacent to both the beer tent and the stage. You may also enter the concert area with your VIP lanyard. You will be required to wear your lanyard at all times, and only one person may use a lanyard per day. While anyone with a VIP lanyard is allowed to watch the concerts from the VIP tent or the concert area. VIP beverages and food may not be taken out of the VIP area. Anyone caught passing food and drink over the VIP fence will forfeit their VIP lanyard.

I’m not a sponsor, can I buy VIP passes?

No, VIP passes are for sponsors only. We no longer have passes available for individual sale.

Can I pay for carnival or beer tickets with a credit card?

No, however we have several ATM’s on the grounds, including in the beer tent and in the carnival.

What items are not allowed on the festival grounds?

Outside coolers, food, drink, water bottles, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, professional cameras or video recorders, weapons, or pets (except service dogs) will not be allowed into the festival grounds at all. Your use of the OSD concert ticket and Festival Pass is contingent upon your unconditional and voluntary acceptance to be searched prior to your admission to the venue. Failure to consent or submit will result in denial of entry.  Photo ID required for purchase of alcoholic beverages and to smoke tobacco products on festival grounds. Blankets are allowed, but are not to be left unattended to ‘save’ spots.

All persons will be wanded and all bags will be inspected prior to entry. Any excluded items will need to be surrendered or taken back to your vehicle, any illegal substances will be handled by our police department.

Is re-entry allowed back into the concert area?

Yes, you will receive a wristband when you present your ticket the first time. You will need your wristband re-enter the festival grounds or concert area. You will also have to go through security again.

What happens if it rains?

You will get wet. The festival goes on rain or shine, hot or cold! No refunds on any unused concert, carnival or beer tickets. If a concert is cancelled altogether due to dangerous life threatening weather, unused tickets may be used on another night, or if unused, will be considered a donation to the Rockton Lions Club Charities a 501c3 corporation.

Who do I contact for OSD5K questions?

Click here for more info.

I plan on buying a carnival wristband, how long is it good for?

Carnival wristbands are good only the day of purchase, and for the length of the advertised special. Usually 3-4 hours.

I want to take my toddler on carnival rides, will I need a ride ticket too?

Yes, everyone who rides a carnival ride will require a ticket, even parents riding with their children. Please check with ride height requirements prior to purchasing carnival tickets. All children will require a ticket – please check height requirements for your toddlers before purchasing tickets.

What do you do with the money you raise from Old Settlers Days?

Old Settler’s Days has a long history in Rockton. Starting out years ago on Main Street, and being run by various groups including the OSD Committee, and the Rockton Chamber of Commerce. The Rockton Lions Club took over the festival 17 years ago, and it is run by the Rockton Lions Club Volunteers. Every person on the committee is a volunteer, we have no paid staff. All the profit we make from the festival goes back to the community via donations and service projects. The Rockton Lion’s Website has a list of organizations and causes we’ve donated to in the last few years.

Why is the festival not on Main Street?

The population of Rockton has grown as well as the size of the festival over the last 20 years. Our 3 block downtown area however, has not. We simply cannot fit the festival in the few blocks we have available. There are also concerns regarding power and staging. By keeping the festival just one block off of Main Street we feel we can still stay in town, and festival goers are still close enough to patronize the downtown area during the festival. The Village of Rockton has also been in favor of all events being held at the park rather than Main Street, this includes our events as well as those sponsored by other entities. Patrons are free to come and go from the festival all day and we encourage them to utilize our downtown business and generous sponsors.