P.O. Box 90 Rockton IL 61072 tickets@oldsettlersdays.com 815-206-8525

OSD Contacts

General Info
815-206-8525 – Please remember our staff is all volunteer and will return your call at our first possible convenience. We appreciate you looking through our website and FAQ prior to calling, most inquiries can be answered on our website, and we encourage email when possible.

Sven Skupien – SvenSkupien@hotmail.com

Tami Verstraete: OSDSponsorship@gmail.com
Chris Weaver

Bands & Entertainment:
John Peterson: Email John
Andy Honkamp

Ticketing Issues:
OSD Ticket Team tickets@oldsettlersdays.com

Vicki Samples rocktonosdvolunteers@gmail.com
Diane Rosenberger

Food Booths / Vendor Booths:
Tricia Diduch Email Tricia
Carol Wright
Marla Herringer

Jim Lawson
Mike Hafle

Cory Magnus magnus1489@gmail.com
Mike Weaver

Beer Sales:
Kevin King roammaster@aol.com

Emily Wallace  emwalla12@gmail.com
Terrie Garlow

Nathan Brick

Blood Drive:
John Schammell info@osd5k.com
Abby Dragus

VIP Tent:
Connie Kieffer
Brie Richards

5k Run/Walk:
John Schammell info@osd5k.com
Abby Dragus

Website/Social Media:
Jonathan Sutherland: Bandnetworkdirectors@gmail.com
Kerri Wallace kerri@oldsettlersdays.com